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Track 2: "Vibin' With JString"

JString Feat. Joshua Zook, Yona Marie, Rafael Sequera, & Lee Ferguson

“Vibin’ with JString” JString featuring Joshua Zook, Yona Marie, Rafael Sequera, & Lee Ferguson

Lyrics and Music Written by James Stringfellow

Produced by JString for Streethop Music Publishing (ASCAP)

Spoken Vocals by JString

Other Vocals Performed by Yona Marie (Courtesy of Fiverr) Recorded in Maryland, United States

All Keyboards, Synthesizers, & Drums programmed by JString

Bass Guitar by Lee Ferguson (Courtesy of Fiverr) Recorded in the United Kingdom

Saxophone by Joshua Zook (Courtesy of Fiverr) Recorded in Frankfurt, Germany

Guitar by Rafael Sequera (Courtesy of Fiverr) Recorded in Venezuela

Mastered by Larry Anthony @ COS Mastering (Atlanta)

(c) James Stringfellow 2020. All Rights Reserved

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